Design Teemu Järvi, 2011

TAITA Cardboard Container works as storage system for people of all ages. TAITA is made out of new recycled cardboard material and can be can be re-recycled as paper. Containers are light, durable and stackable. TAITA is available in different print styles or all-white.


Produced by Showroom Finland

Photos Kalle Kataila

  • Taita_Cardboard_Container_2_design_Teemu_Järvi_photo_Kalle_Kataila
  • Taita_Cardboard_Container_1_design_Teemu_Järvi_photo_Kalle_Kataila
  • Taita_Cardboard_Container_3_design_Teemu_Järvi_photo_Kalle_Kataila
  • Taita_boksi
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