Design Teemu Järvi, 2011

Kasaa Cardboard Shelf is made of a sturdy but lightweight cardboard material. Numerous variable combinations can be created with two different sized units that pile up to form a modular shelving system. Each unit folds up with two flat-packed cardboard sheets without the need for glue or additional fittings. The adhesives used in creating the sandwich construction are water-based, so material can be recycled as paper.


Produced by Showroom Finland

Photos Kalle kataila

  • Kasaa_Cardboard_Shelf_1_design_Teemu_Järvi_photo_Kalle_Kataila
  • Kasaa_Cardboard_Shelf_3_design_Teemu_Järvi_photo_Kalle_Kataila
  • Kasaa_Cardboard_Shelf_4_design_Teemu_Järvi_photo_Kalle_Kataila
  • Kasaa_Cardboard_Shelf_5_design_Teemu_Järvi_photo_Kalle_Kataila
  • Kasaa_Cardboard_Shelf_6_design_Teemu_Järvi_photo_Kalle_Kataila
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