Design Heikki Ruoho, 2004

The design of the Capa chair is based on an innovative ‘OneShot’ plywood moulding method developed by Heikki Ruoho. This technical innovation opens up opportunities for new design applications, and has great potential in industrial processing. The advantages of the method lie in reducing costs, making the process more effective, and cutting down on work phases.

Caiazza Memorial Challenge competition, Promosedia Italy, Honourable mention

Ornamo Design Award 2008


Photos 1-3 Juha Ruuska

  • CAPA_asymmetry_design_Heikki_Ruoho
  • CAPA_black3_design_Heikki_Ruoho
  • CAPA_black1_design_Heikki_Ruoho
  • CAPA_inspiration_design_Heikki_Ruoho
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