Järvi & Ruoho (Finnish for “Lake & Grass”) is a Helsinki based design office founded in 2003. The office spans a broad field of design, while focusing on industrial design, furniture design, interior design and concept design.


Järvi & Ruoho produce ingenious, practical solutions to various challenges, beginning with a company’s broad visual identity, premises and products, and ending with product launches and concepts for the future. Järvi & Ruoho’s long-term clients appreciate their flexible, customer-oriented approach and applications that have been thought through from start to finish.


Järvi & Ruoho’s work has appeared in various Scandinavian design exhibitions and numerous international publications, including International Design Year Book, Interni, Domus and Wallpaper. Recognition has also come from international and national competitions, including the Italian Caiazza Memorial Challenge and the Finnish Fennia Prize.

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